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PDQB Exams
Thu 7 August 2014
6:00 pm BST
John Mulhearn
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Lesson Details

As with all other exams in the SCQF/PDQB Syllabus we have two elements practical and theory. For the performance element of SCQF 6 candidates are required to submit the following:

  • 2 four-parted 2/4 Marches
  • 2 four-parted 6/8 Marches
  • 2 four-parted Strathspeys
  • 2 four-parted Reels
  • 2 four-parted Hornpipes
  • 2 four-parted Jigs
  • 1 full Piobaireachd

For more details on the performance requirements look here.

Candidates wishing to sit the theory paper should have a good understanding of the previous levels’ requirements, as well as a knowledge of the canntaireachd equivalents of the all piobaireachd embellishments. For more details look here.

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