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Level 1 - Light Music
Wed 1 April 2015
12:00 pm BST
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The Gunn Collection contains an absolute wealth of reels. Some of these tunes have familiar descendants in the modern competition repertoire but many are very seldom heard. Finlay will take a look at some of his favorite tunes from the collection, discussing different stylistic approaches and how to interpret the scores.

First published in 1848 the William Gunn Collection contains some 210 tunes providing a fascinating snapshot of the piping repertoire of the mid-19th century. Gunn was born in Kildonan in Sutherland around 1788 and is thought to have moved to Glasgow during the Highland clearances. He was known as successful competitor, teacher and pipe maker. From the 2003 reprint foreword by Finlay MacDonald, the collection “represents Gunn’s preferred settings of tunes and does not represent a standard style of playing mid-19th century Scotland. It should also be noted that the notational style, arrangement of tunes, and the selection of repertoire provide insight into changes in piping styles that have occurred since the mid-19th century.” In this course Finlay MacDonald presents sets of tunes plucked from the collection, giving advice on how best to interpret the scores. Scans of the original book are available via the Ceol Sean site. The 2003 reprint can be purchased here.

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