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Level 3 - Piobaireachd
Wed 20 May 2015
12:00 pm BST
John Mulhearn
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The score used in this lesson comes from the Piobaireachd Society Collection Book 11 - which itself is taken from Angus MacKay’s book. On the story of this short tune the Piobaireachd Society states “Patrick Og MacCrimmon had expressed his admiration for the weapon, which belonged to MacLeod of MacLeod: and was told by him that if he produced and appropriate tune in its praise, it would be presented to him. Next morning he played MacLeod the tune, and duly received the dirk”.

For many people coming to piobaireachd for the first time the biggest obstacle to overcome is the complicated crunluath movement – the movement on which the climactic variations of the majority of pieces are built. Without complete control over this seven gracenote movement it is nearly impossible to satisfactorily complete most tunes, coming as it does when we are mentally and physically most tired in the performance. In this series of lessons John Mulhearn looks at pieces for which there are no crunluath variations. These pieces are often unfairly thought of as inferior due to the lack of technical difficulty, however on closer examination we see strong melodies that deserve to be played in their own right.

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