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Level 2 - Piobaireachd
Thu 29 January 2015
5:00 pm BST
Chris Armstrong
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As the Piobaireachd Society tells us; “The Campbell Cantaireachd has at least 8 tunes under this cryptic title: this one is tune 34, Vol. 1. The editors have attempted to get the answer to the obvious query – what was ‘The Cragich’. A careful consideration of internal and other evidnce leads us to believe that the compiler of these MSS, considered some of his tune ‘rough’. Possibly metrically unsatisfactory; and it is considered that the word Cragich was used adjectivally, as equivalent to ‘rough’ or ‘irregular’, rather than that it implies another source volume for these tunes.”

The tune is made up of a Ground, first variation and Taorluath/Crunluath singlings and doublings, and makes use of some tricky high G movements. The score can be found in Piobaireachd Society Collection Book 12.

Given the history of ceol mor as being a music passed on through an oral tradition and through disparate collections of manuscript it is no surprise that there are a number of pieces for which there is no known name. Where this is the case the pieces have been recorded by the Piobaireachd Society as Nameless, followed by the opening sequence of notes in canntaireachd form, for example Nameless (Hio tro o tro). In this series of lessons Chris Armstrong looks at some of these pieces in order to throw light on what are often overlooked tunes due to their lack of name. All music can be found in the various Piobaireachd Society collections.


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