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Level 5 - Light Music
Wed 21 January 2015
4:00 pm BST
John Mulhearn
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Fear A’Bhata is a standard in the gaelic song tradition. This pipe setting put’s the focus on simple technique and clear rhythm.

Convention in the tuition of pipes has often been to expect a near perfect mastery of all embellishments before looking at any pieces of music. This is for good reason, well executed embellishments give us control, and with control we are able to be expressive. However, for many the aim is not to win the World Pipe Band Championships in Grade 1, or win a Gold Medal at the major gatherings as a soloist – the aim is simply to have fun. In this series John Mulhearn looks at simplified settings of a number of well known, popular tunes. Through the course of these lessons students will be able to piece together a number of sets of tunes suitable for simple occasions. 

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