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Level 3 - Light Music
Tue 24 February 2015
11:00 am BST
John Mulhearn
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The Atholl Highlanders is a true classic of the 6/8 march genre and refers to private regiment of the Duke of Atholl. You can download the score here.

Piping competitions, whether band or solo, have always focussed on the 2/4 march as the undisputed test piece for technique and expression. Arguably this has resulted in the 6/8 march being considered as inferior and being neglected. However, despite there not being the same number of opportunities to play 6/8 marches there are still an enormous number of excellent tunes out there. In this series John Mulhearn looks at some of the standards of the genre, taking time to look at how to successfully interpret the rhythm and draw out the phrasing, while paying equal attention to the technical difficulties in each tune. 

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