Callum Class

The National Piping Centre’s E-Learning portal allows you to learn in your own way, in your own home. With a wide selection of class types and skill levels there is something for everyone, from Piobaireachd, to grace notes, to tuning. Our highly qualified teachers will take the lesson through an interactive portal, allowing class members to raise questions and discuss issues with the tutor and the other members of the class. Get comfortable at home or catch a quick lecture on your lunch break, the E-Learning site is completely portable and is available anywhere with an internet connection.

Structured Learning

On signing up for a subscription you will be asked to self assess your playing ability using our scale of levels 1 through to 5. However, don’t feel trapped by the level you choose. The beauty of the e-Learning hub is that you are free to join lessons at any level – if you want to push yourself that little bit harder you can sit in on the higher level lessons, or if you feel you need to revisit some basics you are able to sit in on the levels covering basics (levels 4 and 5).

Remember, you don’t need to be available to sit in on lessons as they happen. If your schedule is unpredictable or if your lessons are held at times that are not suitable you can still view lessons at a time that does suit you, making the whole learning experience as flexible as possible!

Tutorials for All

As well as the structured courses for each level, there are more broad ranging tutorials, covering subjects that are just as applicable to the beginner as they are to the more experienced piper. Subjects include: technique, theory, history and repertoire, transition to bagpipes and many more.


One of key features of the e-Learning site will access to our live stream events which have included Piping Live! and the Glenfiddich Piping Championship. Sit back and relax as live piping is streamed straight into your living room.

Media Archive

Another major facet of the e-Learning site is the Media Archive. This section of the site will give subscribers or pay-as-you-go users access to the National Piping Centre’s growing digital media archive. With sub-sections for audio, video and documents this section will grow over time giving you hours of informative and entertaining resources to enhance your learning experience.